Tanya Ganas


Pronouns She/Her

Identifies as Neurofabulous

Know as "The Clothes Lady"

Dancefloor Starter 

Chai Lover



In a world littered with influencers and 'personal branding', there is little on offer that caters for those who are labelled as 'special needs'. Even the phrase “special needs” evokes an apologetic sense of style, which is at odds with the trends and styles that populate social media and line the racks of mainstream stores.

With over 15 years of styling experience under her belt, Tanya Ganas has been a stalwart of the Australian Fashion industry. In 2005, she partnered with her styling mentor and created Style Genies, a  boutique styling service aimed to help individuals discover their personal style. Working with some of Melbourne’s most prestigious fashion brands such as TL Wood, Arthur Galan and most recently for Scanlan Theodore as the National Head Stylist, Tanya is regarded as an industry leader.

In 2020, Tanya AKA Style Aide set out to smash

stereo types, rewriting the narrative around disability and fashion. Bringing together her expertise in styling with her personal experience in disability, she pioneered a styling service that focused on those who felt overlooked by mainstream fashion.



Style Aide is about self expression, self empowerment and radical acceptance of one's uniqueness”.  



Money well spent! Tanya was engaged to support our daughter with clothing choices as part of her funding for finding and keeping a job. Prior to the session, Tanya made contact to ensure she was across all of the sensory issues and anxiety triggers that might interfere with a successful visit. During the session, Tanya was engaging and informative, providing lots of advice beyond our expectations. Our daughter was delighted with the new combinations of clothes from her existing wardrobe and the suggestions for new purchases to complete a capsule wardrobe. She has been implementing Tanya's suggestions daily and is feeling much more confident about her appearance. 

Tanya understands neurodiversity and was able to tactfully talk about some "eclectic" fashion choices in our household without quashing self-expression. We had a very entertaining evening and I would happily recommend her service.  


Kylie Hughes

Senior Advisor, enablesU support services



Rhys has certainly some challenges and anxieties that he deals with everyday. We are fortunate that he attends a supportive school to help with his education and life skills. The services that Tanya provided we feel are an important part of Rhys's development. In particular now that he's getting a bit older, independent, and becoming a little more self conscious of his appearance. Tanya was gentle, caring and understanding of particular issues that he has, not to mention being taken out of his comfort zone. 


This whole experience will help him in the future particularly when meeting new people and also going for job interviews, in knowing what to wear and how to present himself. Another thing we noticed was a huge boost in his confidence since the experience with Tanya, to the point that even other people have commented. They remarked that he seems to have matured and he is more confident in his conversations with them, as well as looking very smart.


Overall this was such a great experience for Rhys and we would recommend Tanya to anyone. We saw an instant change in his posture and body language. What she taught him and this experience is something we can refer him back to in the future. We look forward to working with her again.


Lola Ballis



Tanya was nice, styling me up was fun, she's friendly and bubbly and I was really at ease. I loved the whole experience.

She worked out what I liked and gave me a style I could do by myself, all the time. I feel that I can go shopping and pick clothes out for myself that would suit me and look good. I'll probably wear a scarf more often now, especially now that it's getting cold. I even went and bought a couple new ones.


I like wearing my blazer with jeans now, I wouldn't have done that before. I think it looks good and so do my friends. She taught me how to roll my sleeves up properly and how to wear a scarf. She also gave advice and taught me about natural colors and what goes together.


It has really inspired me to wear nice clothes and look my best. It makes me feel good.I felt nervous at first but as we started I felt very comfortable and confident. Tanya made me feel that way. She was very encouraging. I felt a little like a rock star!

Rhys Ballis, 17



Our family entered the 'colourful world of autism' when our daughter Lena was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old. Since her diagnosis we have had many challenges. Like most teenagers, Lena loves fashion and wants to have fun with fashion, however Lena had sensory issues that made it challenging to find that perfect blend of comfort, fit and style.


We contacted Tanya from StyleAide who came to our home and taught Lena how to style her clothes, have fun with her clothes, and how to look fantastic in her clothes. Seeing Lena’s face sparkle with confidence during the process was absolutely worth it. We are now confident that the process of Lena simply getting dressed for events, for her job, or any other outing will be without hassle and more importantly without tears.

Maria's Kromidellis