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Q & A with Miss Pansy St Battie

My best style tip is to wear anything you wear with confidence

Tell us a little about yourself Miss Pansy St Battie.. 

I’m a 21-year-old student, model, and burlesque performer. As for my lifestyle, it's pretty much as busy as it can be while still being mindful to manage the limitations and boundaries of my health. My free time is mainly crafting, spending time with my 3 animals and my partner, and as of quarantine I've been cooking a lot more since I have the time!

Describe your personal style and how you express that through fashion..

My personal style is best described as eclectic. I can't fit it into one genre or box because I like dabbling in all kinds of looks. I've always been drawn to art and crafting, and to me, fashion is just an extension of that. I totally adore people who have one strong look that they stick with and do amazingly, but for me, it's always going to be about experimenting and finding ways to create looks out of whats in my closet.

Where you like to shop?

All over the place. I tend to gravitate towards independent designers and online shops because they tend to have the pieces that creatively inspire me the most. I don't actually buy clothes very often because I'm able to get a lot to shoot for work and my closet is already overflowing, but I have a huge spreadsheet of places I love to digitally window shop at that has over 900 entries. 

What is your no. 1 style tip?

My best style tip is to wear anything you wear with confidence. Even if you have to fake it, it makes any outfit look better.

What does expressing yourself through fashion mean to you.

Expressing myself through fashion is a way to connect with the world, to harness my creativity into my day-to-day life, and to share my passion for beautiful clothes. It's hard to explain it much deeper than saying it makes me happy, but that's why I do it. 

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