Our Services 


Wardrobe Consultation

Style Aide assesses, edits and organises your current wardrobe. In this session, Style Aide will outline a style plan based on your individual needs, coordinate your outfits and determine the wardrobe gaps.

Does your wardrobe feel 

out of control?

Style Aide’s smart wardrobe system helps organise your clothes by addressing the following questions:


  • Is it classic and flattering?

  • Is it on high rotation?

  • Does it reflect your new style plan?

  • Can you create outfits easily? 

  • What pieces do you need to add/rehouse?

Cost of Wardrobe Consultation $350

Shopping Consultation

To ensure a seamless and time efficient shopping experience, Style Aide pre sources items from stores prior to shopping.

Style Aide will assist with all shopping purchases, teach you how to shop with confidence and most importantly how to avoid mistake buying when out shopping independently.

Style Aide adds a secret

source to make shopping easy

  • Style Aide will pre source before you shop to ensure all the leg work is done. 

  • Pre sourcing cuts shopping time in half.

  • Pre sourcing takes all the stress out of where to go and what to buy.

  • Shopping with Style Aide prevents you from making costly mistake purchases.

  • Style Aide will educate you on what styles suit you and why. 

Cost of Shopping Consultation $450

Image by piotr szulawski

Post Wardrobe & Shopping Consultation

Style Aide assists with the integration of your new purchases into your existing wardrobe. In this session, Style Aide creates a lookbook of curated outfits for an easy visual reference.

Wardrobe sorted,

shopping done, now what?


  • Style Aide will show you how to ‘dress your clothing’.

  • Style Aide will show you how to integrate your new clothing into your old wardrobe.

  • Style Aide will curate new looks & outfit combos for you.

  • Style Aide will create a digital lookbook of outfit combos as a visual reminder.

Cost $200 + a complimentary 1 hour when all three services are booked.